Introducing: Our Intuitive and Seamless Talent Management System

Review applications

The site even tells you how far candidates live from the job location.

Rate / Score Candidates

Rate candidates according to your own criteria. Great for quickly accessing applications!

Create favourites

Got candidates you like but not sure if they’re right for current role? No problems, just save them to favourites and message them when you’re ready.

Declining Candidates

We feel that it is important to let each applicant know if they’ve been unsuccessful, after all they have taken the time to apply. Forget having to wade through emails and email every single applicant. Just press one button and the candidate will get a friendly unsuccessful message from us.

Invite for interview (Both telephone and Face-to-Face – Which we organise)

Want to a conduct telephone interview and/or face-to-face interview? No problems, just press one button and we’ll either make available the candidate’s contact details or organise the meetings for you.

Collaborate with colleagues

We love this feature and so will you. Need to share applications with colleagues? Forget manually sending CVs, we have a better solution! Get the site to automatically send applications to as many colleagues as you like. And at a press of a button each colleague can tell you if they want to decline or invite for interview, rate applications and make shared notes. slick!

Make notes about candidates

Ditch having to scribble notes over people’s CVs or risk losing Post-it notes. Simply leave notes at any time throughout the recruitment process and access the information in one place. They’re a bit like Twitter updates. What’s more if you share applications with Colleagues all parties can collaborate by making and accessing shared notes.

Send questions / messages to the candidates

Need to ask the candidates questions relating to their application? You could do this by email but doing this for 10 or more people could get a bit crazy. All responses are stored alongside the application meaning you’ll always have the information to hand. No need to call a recruitment consultant!

Store candidate contact details

For those candidates who you have requested for a telephone interview you can quickly access their contact details at a press of a button.

Track interview requests

All candidates that are invited for an interview are stored in one place where you can access their CV, contact details, notes and all communication via our question system.

Access your past, present and future interview schedules

To further help with the management of your interview process if we book your meetings for you they will all appear in our new calendar system.

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